Sunday, June 22, 2008

Our visit from Ella

Well they finally got here about 3.07pm on Friday afternoon! Just as I was to head out and get the boys from school. I had the most amazing visit with my sister. Ella is gorgeous and I have missed so much. I think from the moment Wade handed her to me (at 3.08pm), till the moment I put her in her car seat to head back to Kalgoorlie I hardly ever put her down!! She is such a beautiful little princess with such smiling eyes!!
Jenni got to catch up on some sleep and I got to relive the early morning feeds!! Hmmm not sure who got the better deal!! but I loved it!! Jayden and Owen doted on her and Uncle Anthony was smitten!!
So sit back and enjoy my favourite pics from the weekend. Speakers on! I've added a new song. I was trying to find "A Little Ray of Sunshine" to add to my playlist (as she is) but just can't seem to find it! So had to settle with good ole Queen and Crazy little thing called LOVE! enjoy.


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