Monday, June 2, 2008

My Creative Zone!

Well I have just spent most of Saturday and Saturday night sorting and tidying up 'my space'! I have the exclusive use of the length of a wall in our bedroom!! (plus I have taken over a column of drawer/baskets and the laundry cupboard!!) It is handy though, because while I am 'creating' I use the bed as extra space, to put files of bazzil, my cutter, stamp set etc. Only problem is it has to be put away to go to bed!! I have a nasty habit of piling up bits of paper, books, magazines etc and moving them to my chair, then when I create I move the pile to the bed...then back to the chair (to go to bed) ...then back to the bed....etc etc...a nasty little habit that I hope to have broken by finally sorting through the pile and putting it all away!!

I used to have a room, but it is more peaceful in the house with the two boys having separate rooms rather than sharing. (though Owen has many sleepovers in Jayden's room on the weekend as the bunk beds that Anthony made are still in there!! ...Anyway, now that I am sorted and tidy I thought I would share 'my space' with you.

Ok, this is my desk (IKEA). The filing cabinet holds all my Stampin Up! Cardstock. The little shelf that the light sits on hold my Craft Mates Containers with all my brads etc in, a box with all my rubons and the little drawers hold my various pens (metallics, permanents, pastel gels pens etc) Behind my Colour Caddy are my spiral bound Catalogues, template books and my little colour chart books that I have made. I have one for Stampin Up!, a Bazzill one, a stamp catalogue (still in progress) and a few ither little books. The black clear drawer container holds White card for card bases, Mounting foam, Hodgepodge Hardware and Tools. The green one has my 3D Special Books, 3D Sheets, Specialty Papers and my rolls of DS tape. In the two sets of drawers under the light, I have all sorts of everyday items, CM Cutting system templates & Blades, small punches, Sizzlits Dies, Watercolour Wonder Crayons etc. Most things on my desk are items I reach for regularly.

Here I have my other cardstock etc. All my Bazzill is in the White Files!! Patterned paper in the Lever arch Files. Little bits and pieces in the little containers. The large 3 Drawer holds - Envelopes and Cello bags (Top Drawer) Various paper packs - mainly K & Co & HOTP (middle Drawer) and the bottom drawer has more K&C papers and more envelopes!! Then on top is my Cricut and you can just see the bottom of the shelf that Anthony put up to hold my Cricut Cartridges. The Blue box holds my 12"x12" papers that I haven't cut down to A4 and the toolbox is empty! I got a little addicted to ebay a couple of years ago and bought everything I liked!! (whoops) But I don't have that problem anymore!! No, instead of Ebay I am addicted to Stampin Up! So I am slowly working my way through all the old stuff, so I can concentrate on the NEW!!

This is my 'column of baskets' I rearranged and sorted all this on Saturday. The bottom one holds a stack of A6 Jounals, notecard packs and gift items. i keep an eye out a target just after Christmas as they really mark these stationery items down and they are perfect for covering! I will pull out a couple that I have decorated and post them later. The ones I have are Hallmark their RRP was $9.95 and I picked them up for $1.88 each!! So I got 10!! (which was all that they had!!) I also have in this column my Cuttlebug with Dies and Embossing Folders, my ribbons, a container of extra stock of brads etc and my Stamping Up! punches.

The above two pics are my Laundry Cupboard!! My darling Husband has put extra shelves in to accommodate my stamp sets. Gotta love a hubby who fully supports your addiction!! The boxes on the lower shelf hold all my 'non' Stampin Up! stamps and the blue set of drawers hold all my Carl Punches (yep I was addicted to Punch art at one stage too!!) and my Mosaic and Ribbon Punches. I have left just enough room for the Iron (who use that anyway!!), some soap powder and the big bag of shopping bags, which is dwindling as I now use my green ones! I do use these for bin liners though.

So that's it!! My Creative Space!! As tidy as it will ever be!!

Now on to posting the cards I made last night.

Seeya, Caroline


  1. Great creative space, lots of stuff(!). Enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing your creations.

  2. wow! lol....lucky you. thank you for sharing your 'creative space'. Did I read it right and you spiral bound your SU! catalogues? Have heard that from someone else and was wondering where you got it done (if I read it right that is) You have a very nice hubby by the way ;)


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