Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Lawnmower Man!

Jayden is bored!
"Why can't I play the playstation?"
"Because I said so!! Go out and see if Dad need's help outside!"
So he did, next thing he comes running inside "I mowed the lawn!! I mowed the lawn!!" Then they went out the front, so I grabbed my bowl of twisites and sat at the front window watching!! This was so cool, so I grabbed the camera. I keep saying that I need to get in to scrapbooking, so I thought this could make an interesting page. So here are some pics of Jayden ~ Mowing the Lawn!!

"The Lesson"

"This is easy enough!"

"Ok, a bit of strength is needed!"

"GEEZ! Who let the weeds get this high!!"



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