Monday, June 2, 2008

Final Furry Friend Count .....22

Ok, now I know you are all dying to know!!! Owen is an avid collector of all things soft, cute and fluffy!!! So we joked before going to Queensland that we would need an extra suitcase to bring all of his new friends home in! Well they filled two duffle bags and filled all the gaps in the suitcases!! So all in all the final count was 22!! (I think)

Back row (L-R) Jayden holding Squirt, Owen Holding Elly the Elephant Puppet and Sealy
Front row (L-R) Sylvester, Adventure Duck 1, Marvin, Lola, Leo, Foghorn, Max, Tweety, Steve (the Elephant from Australia Zoo), Ella (the Polar Bear named after my niece), Daffy, Tim, Leon, Bugs (is leaning forward) Cutie, Koala from the Big Pineapple, Leo the Leopard Puppet, Adventure Duck 2 and Tazzy the Tasmanian Devil Puppet.

Now I think that is all my bits and pieces done!! 4 posts in one day, my am I on a roll!!

So I am off till later in the week!! I haven't chosen which day I am going to eScape the 'e'. That's going to be a hard one for me......but I will try!

Cheers, Caroline


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