Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speakers on please! Jenni! I did it!! I've added Music.

I finally figured it out and have added music! If you turn on your speakers the songs will start automatically.
"Together in Electric Dreams". Mum and I watched this movie many times together, we both thoroughly enjoyed it and loved it!! (Hence my 'cyber' tribute to Mum.)
"No-one But you (only the good die young)". One of my fave Queen songs!!
"Edelweiss". Mum loved the sound of Music!! and this is such a beautiful song.
"Roses for Mama". Mum came down from Geraldton for a visit, beeped twice (once for coffee two for tea please!) When I went out to greet her after putting the kettle on, she was in tears, this had been playing on her Country Music tape and had touched her heart! So she brought it inside and got me to listen to it and then we were both in tears!! (lol)
I am in to Alvin and the chipmunks at the moment and Owen loves Bad Day so I thought I'd add those two for a cheer up!! So for the next few days (or until I take them off) these songs will play in the background. If you haven't seen Electric Dreams - you should be able to find it at your local video store, it is a lovely fun movie.
Now as you listen please read my post for my Mum.
And for Jenni, I know you are checking this out today, "Chin up!! Smile and shine, just know you are in my thoughts today, your sister, Caroline! (Ok ok!! I am definately NOT a poet!! but hopefully you cracked a smile!!)
Now here goes....... For My Mum!


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