Saturday, May 24, 2008

Speakers on please! Jenni! I did it!! I've added Music.

I finally figured it out and have added music! If you turn on your speakers the songs will start automatically.
"Together in Electric Dreams". Mum and I watched this movie many times together, we both thoroughly enjoyed it and loved it!! (Hence my 'cyber' tribute to Mum.)
"No-one But you (only the good die young)". One of my fave Queen songs!!
"Edelweiss". Mum loved the sound of Music!! and this is such a beautiful song.
"Roses for Mama". Mum came down from Geraldton for a visit, beeped twice (once for coffee two for tea please!) When I went out to greet her after putting the kettle on, she was in tears, this had been playing on her Country Music tape and had touched her heart! So she brought it inside and got me to listen to it and then we were both in tears!! (lol)
I am in to Alvin and the chipmunks at the moment and Owen loves Bad Day so I thought I'd add those two for a cheer up!! So for the next few days (or until I take them off) these songs will play in the background. If you haven't seen Electric Dreams - you should be able to find it at your local video store, it is a lovely fun movie.
Now as you listen please read my post for my Mum.
And for Jenni, I know you are checking this out today, "Chin up!! Smile and shine, just know you are in my thoughts today, your sister, Caroline! (Ok ok!! I am definately NOT a poet!! but hopefully you cracked a smile!!)
Now here goes....... For My Mum!

In Memory of my MUM

In Loving Memory
Olwen Rosemary Werdschinki
1946 - 1998

Today is 10 years since my Mum passed away. She is in my thoughts every day. When she was going through her treatment for Leukemia she would say "When I get better and get home I am going to get a computer for home and hook it to the internet so we can email and chat" (Chatting on MSN was the big new thing back then.) So here is my cyber message to Mum.

"I love you Mum, I think of you everyday and wish that you were still here to share our highs and lows!! But don't worry, I can now make Porridge and Rice Pudding without having to call you for the quantities!! But my Oatcakes still don't come out like yours!!" (lol)

I am also going to share the poem Mum wrote for me when I was away in Perth at School. I was terribly homesick and a couple of days after a rather long, sobbing phone call home, a Survival Pack and this poem arrived. It is framed and hung on the wall next to a lovely picture of Mum. So here goes...

A Daughter

One day a little girl was born
Her Mum was Oh, so proud,
Two sons and a daughter
I was floating on a cloud.

My little girl with golden locks
was a cute and pretty child,
Most of the time angelic,
but boy, could she get wild!

Off to her room she would be sent
until she calmed her mood,
and then out she would come again
and be as little girls should.

The big day came, off to school
her baby days were gone,
All dressed in her uniform
how her dear face shone!

We had some fun, those early years
lots of fun and laughter.
Something would tickle my little girl
and she would giggle for hours after!

Now she's quite a young lady
a teenager full of life.
I love my beautiful daughter
even with the occasional strife!

So full of fun and hunour
she lightens everyone's heart,
The house is so quiet when she's away
each term we have to part.

She goes to school in the city
and stays with friends you see,
But although she is so far away
she means all the world to me.

She invented her own tradition
a thing she must always take,
When she goes back to school
her favourite chocolate cake!

This daughter I've been telling you of
has a special love of mine,
Of course you know her Oh, so well
it's my charming Caroline.

So hold your chin up sweetie
be happy, smile and shine,
I know I will be proud of you
Because, my lovely, you're mine.

Well there it is. Shared with the world. My special poem that my Mum wrote me when I missed her so much, but she was so far away. I cherish these words and read them often. So Mum you are in my thoughts always, today, tomorrow, next week, next year - always.

Jayden, who hardly knew you and Owen, who is named after you, they call you 'Nana on the Wall', 'Nana in heaven'. Zoe who named you 'Nana Geraldton'. You are loved and missed by them all.

To Eric, Mark and Jenni you three are also in my thoughts today (and always) we all miss Mum in our own way, we all had our own special moments and connections. Let's all have a glass of Baileys to salute, remember and cherish Our Mum. So (as I pick up my glass of Baileys)

"Cheers Mum, for everything you did for us as children, for all the love and lessons you have taught and for all the dear memories we hold in our hearts, we love you and miss you. Forever"

With Love, your 'Charming' Caroline
Thursday, May 15, 2008

I feel honoured!! I've been tagged!!

I am blown away! I read so many wonderful blogs at the moment and always read about someone being tagged. I didn't think it would ever happen to me as I didn't think many people read mine. But my counter has been ticking away!! WOW. Well I hope I get this right, and I will go through my list (long list) of wonderful blogs I read and try to choose some that haven't been tagged yet.

The rules are:

1 To link to the blog of the person who has tagged you

2 To share 7 random facts about yourself

3 To tag 7 more people by giving their names & linking to their blogs

4 Leave a comment on their blogs to let them know they have been tagged.
So thanks to the other lovely Caroline!! for tagging me - click here to vist her blog

Righto, seven random facts!! Lets see......

1 Some people know and some don't BUT...I met my wonderful husband through an introduction agency!!!!! Yep! Best $100 I ever spent!! (lol) This year we have been married 13 years.

2 I was born in Albany, Western Australia

3 My fave book series (apart from Harry Potter) is Virginia Andrews - Flowers in the Attic

4 I love playing my Wii Fit!! and I love my Nintendo DS (Animal Crossing)

5 I love listening to Queen, and We Will Rock You was the best show I have EVER seen!!

6 I have a strong dislike to handling raw meat!! Yet I work at Chooks!!

7 I drive a Kia Carnival, that we call 'Mums Bus'.

Ok So here is my list of 7 I have gone through my huge list and tried to find ones that haven't been tagged recently!!

Stamping 4 Fun with Ruth

Stamping with Martyn


Musings of a Scramper

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Kylie's Cards and Things

Hopefully all the links work OK I will post this then double check.


Caroline C. Oh, but now I have just realised that we are both Caroline C's! Spooky!! (lol) I will have to change my signature to CFC - the Unwanted Gas!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Baby Cards

Today I was supposed to be working on SC170, and it was my pick this time! But I needed to get these Baby Boy cards made for a couple of ladies at work. I have been umming and aahhing all week, then finally decided to go with this Teddy, isn't he cute? Love him. He is a PSX Stamp, unsure of the actual name of him. Both cards open just under the teddy, the name blocks are on the inside of the card. Also on the inside of Dylan's card is "Welcome Little One" from the Riveting set.

Materials Used

Stamps - PSX K-980. Stampin' Up! - Riveting. Papers - HOTP - Busy Scrappers Solution - Boys: Baby to Toddler. Ink - Stazon Black. Accessories - Kaiser Rhinestones, Red Grosgrain Ribbon, Stampin' Up! Photo Corner Punch, 1-3/8" Circle Punch and 1-1/4" Circle Punch

Back in a couple of days with - hopefully - SC170!!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Palette O' Prints!

Here we go again!! Combining Paper Tole & Stampin' Up! This time using the gorgeous Palette O' Prints 6" x 6" pack of Prints Designer Series Paper and a different 3D Special Book! Once again look to below the cards for a list of materials.

Card One - Main Image - 3D Special Book 5. DP - Stampin' Up! Almost Amethyst Prints Designer Series Paper. Cardstock - Stampin' Up! Almost Amethyst, Lavender Lace, Certainly Celery. Ink - Stampin' Up! - Lavender Lace. Stamps - Stampin' Up! Occassional Greetings. Ribbon & Buckle - From my Stash (unknown).

Card Two - Main Image - 3D Special Book 5. DP - Stampin' Up! Rose Red Prints Designer Series Paper, Cardstock - Stampin' Up! - Handsome Hunter, Regal Rose, Rose Red. Ink - Stampin' Up! - Handsome Hunter, Regal Rose, Rose Red. Stamps - Stampin' Up! - Sincere Salutations. Ribbon - From my Stash (unkown).

Card Three - Main Image - 3D Special Book 5. DP - Stampin' Up! Certainly Celery Prints Designer Series Paper. Cardstock - Stampin' Up! Handsome Hunter, Certainly Celery. Ink - Stampin' Up! - Handsome Hunter, Certainly Celery. Gold Cord - Stampin' Up!. Background Paper behind Sunflower - From my Stash (unkown)

Paper Tole Meets Stampin' Up!

You have probably gathered by now that I love Paper Tole! Yes it is frustrating and fiddly cutting out all those little bits and pieces, but I just love the way it adds dimension to the card!! So I have combined my two main passions - Paper Tole and Stampin' Up with these cards (and there are several more to come). I will list the Materials used, in order, below the cards. If you want to know where to get hold of these Paper Tole Images just email me and I will send you a link.

Card One - Main Image - 3D Special Book 1, Cardstock - Stampin' Up! - Chocolate Chip, Garden Green, Pumpkin Pie. Ink - Pumpkin Pie, Chocolate Chip, Garden Green. Stamps - Stampin' Up! - Paisley & Canvas Background Stamps. Kaiser Stamps - Mother.

Card Two - Main Image - 3D Special Book 1, Cardstock - Stampin' Up! - More Mustard, Lovely Lilac. Ink - More Mustard, Whisper White Craft, Elegant Eggplant. Stamps - Stampin' Up! - All Year Cheer II, Itty Bitty Backgrounds. Ribbon - From my Stash! (unkown)

Card Three - Main Image - 3D Special Book 1, Cardstock - Stampin' Up! - More Mustard, Handsome Hunter, Ink - More Mustard, Handsome Hunter, Whisper White Craft, Stamps - Stampin' Up! Itty Bitty Backgrounds, Occassional Greetings. Ribbon - From my Stash (unknown).

Card Four - Main Image & Sunflower Vellum - 3D Special Book 1, Cardstock - Stampin' Up! - Chocolate Chip, So Saffron. DP - Stampin' Up! - Spring Flowers. Stamps - Stampin' Up! All Year Cheer II, Canvas Background. Ink - Chocolate Chip. Ribbon - From my Stash (unknown)

Monday, May 5, 2008

One Sheet Wonder Day

Well we had a One Sheet Wonder Day (OSW) at my house yesterday, I had 7 of my wonderful crafty friends over to catch up and make cards! I had everything cut out for them so all they had to do was roll the neutral sheet, colour it and then cut along the lines printed on the back!! I used a template on SCS by LeeAnn Greff which you can find here. This is a really great template to follow, I tweak it a bit to suit A4 but it is a great one!! The ladies were told to choose the colours of their flowers, then I would match a green and a dark colour to match. We used Bud Basics and Basics Outline Jumbo Roller.

Anyway, the reason for this post is to show off the fantastic cards they have made!! Please forgive the background, as it was last minute thinking!! Tracey was about to leave and it was "Hey wait!! gotta take a picture!!" so I threw a tablecloth on the floor to put them on and went from there!! So here they are in order of finishing!!

Tracey's Cards

Tracey chose Pixie Pink, Tempting Turquiose, Gable Green and Lovely Lilac as her colours!! They have worked together really well!! She has then gone home and 'Blinged' them all!! So all the flowers are sparkly now.

Peta's Cards

Peta chose Bashful Blue, Close to Cocoa, Certainly Celery and Chocolate Chip as her colours, these have gone together beautifully!! I have such talented friends!!

Kathleen's Cards

Kathleen chose Brilliant Blue, Bashful Blue, Certainly Celery and Night of Navy for her cards, as did Debbie. Same colours, but very different cards!!

Angie's Cards

Angie chose to use Pale Plum, Perfect Plum, Certainly Celery and Elegant Eggplant, a gorgeous combination! and it shows in her cards.

Deb's Cards

Deb chose to go with my set of sample cards, she used So Saffron, More Mustard, Old Olive and Chocolate Chip. Deb and her daughter Asheley have being coming over and making cards with me for about 6 months now and love it!! They both have come a long way!!

Asheley's Cards

When Asheley told me what colour combination she wanted, my reply was "Hmm that's an interesting combination! I can't wait to see those!!" We'll it was a stunning combination!! My favourite is the one in the middle, top row. She has used Crosshatch (retired) as the background stamp and it is gorgeous!!

Debbie's Cards

Finally, we have Debbie's cards. Debbie used the same colour combination as Kathleen, but we have two sets of diffrent cards, they have used different bacground stamps and sentiment stamps to make their cards their own!.

Congratulations to you all!! Now we are thinking about our next card day!! Have to think of something special to do!! If you want to know which background stamps or sentiment stamps were used on any of them just email me and I will let you know.
Seeya, till next time!! Caroline
PS - To all you readers out there! Please leave a comment, I am sure the ladies will get a buzz out of hearing what you have to say!! Thanks