Monday, March 24, 2008


The Beach at Southbank! Life Guard included!!

A nice shot of Anthony & Nan

Drowned Rat No 1 - Owen

Drowned Rat No 2 - Jayden

Today we had another day with Nan. We jumped on the Ferry and headed off down the river into Brisbane. we got off at Southbank, which was nice but not much! Apparently you need to go on Market Days (Fri, Sat, Sun) but we went on a Wednesday!! The boys had a play in the 'beach' while Nan and I took a wonder to see what shops were available. Mainly cafes!! So after the boys had had a play we caught the ferry over to the otherside of the river and went up in to Brisbanes Queen St Mall for lunch and another wander!! Sort of like Perths Hay St Mall but about 3 times longer!!!! We found a food hall and sat and had lunch there. After wandering around for the afternoon, we jumped back on the ferry and headed back to where we started, we continued around to the Queenland University and then all the way back to Bretts Wharf which took about an hour!! Nan and I sat inside, but Anthony and the boys spent most of the trip at the back of the ferry, watching the water and getting some sun!! Tomorrow - back to Movieworld.


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