Monday, March 24, 2008

Movieworld Revisited!!

The Boys and Tweety

...and Sylvester!!

...and Bugs

Can't forget Daffy!!

Well today it was back to Movieworld!! That's about a 2hr drive back down to the gold coast from where we staying!! sort of like driving Perth to Bunbury but feeling like you are stuck on the Tonkin Hwy!!

Our main aim for today was to see the Police Academy Stunt Show, as we missed it last week. The boys got to see a lot more of the characters today, last week it was wet and overcast, so maybe they didn't like the rain!!

The Stunt Show was fantastic! and I wish we had time to go and see it again in the afternoon, but more imprtant things came up, like going and seeing the Shrek4d Show for the third or forth time!! and the spooky coaster again.....etc etc. But here are some pics of it. I found the cop at the beginning, while everyone was filtering in to the arena, very amusing, he was picking on everyone!! and had the whole crowd in fits!! Here are some pics of the Stunt Show (as seen by me through the LCD screen on my camera!!) When you think of what they do, speeding and spinning these cars around in such a small space, it is truly amazing, the precision at how they do it all!! And it is right there in front of your face!! You feel the heat from the explosions!! It's just WOW!!!

The Funny Cop at the Beginning


Two Wheels!!

Whoops!! Man in mid air!!

This Helicopter is, like, right in front of you!!

WOW That was fun!!! we also saw the Scooby Doo Disco Detective show again!! This time from a different angle!! Last week we were off to the side (where the Mystery Machine is!) this time we were right at the front! the show was the same, a couple of the actors were different BUT this time they arrived in the Mystery Machine!! Last time they just came out of the building!! YAY so here it is a pic of The Mystery Machine!! (Just knew you were hanging out for it!! LOL)


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