Monday, March 24, 2008

The End

Well, finally and sadly, our Queensland Aventure had to come to an end (I would insert a 'sad' smiley but haven't figured that out yet!!) We spent our final day with Nan, had a wander around her shopping centre, had lunch, repacked our bags and then said our goodbyes. We had decided that we would leave Nan's at 4pm, our plane left at 7.30pm, check in 60 mins before. So after taking everything into consideration - finding our way to the airport!! (with our history of getting lost we thought we'd had better allow time for that!), peak hour, filling up the hire car, returning the hire car, going through the 'cattle yards' (check in at the airport) we thought 4pm was ample time. Hmmm. we arrived at the airport at about 4.45pm!!! Best laid plans hey? We didn't get lost!! Our petrol gauge read over the full mark, there we sign posts directing us to where we had to return the hire car and there was hardly anyone checking in at the counter!!?? go figure?? So by the time all that was done we headed up through security and we sitting in front of the window watching the planes land by 5.10pm!! Only 2 hours to kill!! We weren't so lucky to leave on time though!! No, that would be too easy, I was chatting to Zoe at 5 to 7 and our plane still hadn't arrived! Hello? Boarding at 7.10pm! I think we boarded about 40 mins late!! Not as bad a coming over. We made up the time in the air and landed in Perth on time!! Found a taxi and headed home. I had 4 boxes of Stampin Up goodies waiting for me, and there was no way, after reading all the nightmare stories of boxes going missing, items not being in boxes, things running out off the retired list!! arghh a nigthmare! I just had to open them and check!! So there I was in the wee hours of the morning after a long flight, checking my boxes to make sure everything was ok!! Only one item missing, and it was still available so I got it about a week later!! Lucky or what!!

So that was that!! and to finish this adventure off in style! A treat for you readers..... Our embarrasing photos from the Theme Park rides!!

Enjoy. I will now get back to showing some cards that I have been making.

Till next time, luv Caroline

Anthony Feeding the Elephant

Caroline Feeding the Elephant

Jayden Feeding the Elephant

Owen Feeding the Elephant

About to go on the Adventure Duck!

Our First go on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster!!

Our Second Go! Note Me Missing!! I'm not stupid!!

Anthony & Jayden - Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Owen & Caroline! Wet As!! on the Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Anthony & The Boys Wild Western Falls

Coming out of the Bermuda Triangle

The Flume!! Check out Owen's Face!!

Anthony on the Lethal Weapon!! You should have seen him when he came of the Superman Escape!! The picture wasn't clear but it sure was funny!!

Thanks for looking!! and I hope you have had a good laugh at our expense!!


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