Monday, March 24, 2008

A Day out with Nan (3 March)

Pineapples Growing!! On the ground!!

Nan & The Boys feeding the animals

The Big Pineapple!!

Today we headed off on a day trip out with Nan, our reason for our holiday in Queensland. We hopped in our hire car and headed North for about an hour to the Big Pineapple!! Guess what? It's big!! You can actually go inside it and it is like a little museum with all info on the history of pineapple farming in QLD. Very informative!! I actually learnt alot today!! Did you know that pineapples grow on a plant in the ground (not in a palm tree like I thought!!) the tops of the pineapple get twisted off, left to dry out for a few days then they are planted! Two years later! Yes you read correctly TWO YEARS LATER you will get a pineapple!! One man can plant up to 12000 plants in a day, go on holidays for 2 years then come back and harvest!! haha! (I think it works differently to that scenario!!) We went on the Sugar Cane Train, which was a very informative tour and we went and fed the animals and had a little stroll through the rainforrest. A nice day out. We then hopped back in the car and headed off for the Superbee Honey Factory, which unfortunately had relocated to the Gold Coast where we were last week!! Oh well, it would have been fun to see. Back in the car and off to the Bellingham Maze!! This place was fun! We stopped and had a Devonshire Tea first (sustenance in case we got lost!!) on the tables at the tearooms they had heaps of puzzles to play with, the ones where you have to put the blocks back together in a cube, or separate two twisted nails etc. We then had a play with the mini mazes before heading in to the MAZE! Nan and I decided to stick to the 'keep left' theory! This didn't work! We were trying to find our way by looking at the aerial photo on the brochure, but that didn't help much either! Oh well. We could hear the boys and Anthony running around and somehow we found our way to the centre! Then we had to find our way back!! after leaving the maze we headed back toward nan's and had a quick stop at the Ettamogah Pub, which was packed!! we were going to stop for a drink but decided against it, so had a look around then headed back home. A tiring Day for Nan, she can rest tomorrow and we are off to Australia Zoo!!

An Aerial Shot of the Bellingham Maze

Anthony & Owen on the Tyre Maze

Owen playing with the Table Puzzles

The Ettamogah Pub


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