Monday, March 24, 2008

Australia Zoo!!

The Giant Tortoise

A Croc in the Crocoseum!!

The Memorial

More of the Memorial

This is just one side!!

Today (March 3) we headed north again to Australia Zoo. WOW!! What a day, you really need more than one day to see everything! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our first stop was the Giant Tortoise! These are amazing creatures! The guy who told us all about them was amazing, very funny and very informative. We found that everything at the Zoo is focused on educating the visitor, it was all funny, informative, educational and very conservation focused!! But it's not in your face conservation! (If you get my drift) We learnt that the tortoise can feel through it's shell, you wouldn't think that they would feel anything but it is similar to us feeling things with our fingertips! so quite sensitive! They were massaging the shell and the tortoise was reacting similar to a cat reacting to when you stroke its fur.

We then headed off to the Crocoseum to watch the 11am show! WOW that was amazing too!! Very funny, educational and breathtaking!! The birds flying around us was unbelievable. We saw the elephants, birds, snakes and of course the Crocodiles. After watching the amazing show we went and had lunch, it is so beautiful there and very well set out. after lunch we wondered around some more, fed the elephants at Elephantasia, watched the tigers play in the water, fed the kangaroos. We really needed more time, as by the time we saw most of the featured things in our program it was time to go and we didn't get to just wander and look at the other animals. Next time it will have to be a two day visit I think!! Underneath the Crocoseum is a 'Memorial Wall' this is where all the momentos, notes, etc that were left at the front of the Zoo when Steve died are left on display, it is amazing, and very moving to read. It stretched for ages and is on both sides.

After a long day at the Zoo, we headed back to Nan's for dinner. YUM!! tomorrow we head off on the ferry down to Southbank!! Gotta find our way to the Ferry first though!!


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