Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sketch Challenge 110

This week it was just Angie and I making cards! Angie chose SC110. I accomplished 4 cards today but I cheated a bit. I sat down on Tuesday morning (actually I was hiding in the bedroom! The kids had an extra day tacked on the end of Easter and I had had enough by now and had to go to work at 2.30 so I was having a sanity break!!) I managed to make up one card, so I knew my dimensions and then picked out the main overlay for the others, matched up the papers and chose the embellishments, then all I needed to do on Wednesday was put them all together. This worked much better and I was more productive, so I am going to 'cheat' a little each week, this way I don't spend half the morning trying to find something that clicks!! My favourites out of these four are Christmas and It's your Birthday.

Materials Used
Friendship Card : HOTP Icy Rainbow Creative Pack, Occassions Clear & Frosted Overlays
Christmas Card : HOTP Christmas Creative Pack, HOTP Pinwheels, HOTP Christmas Clear & Frosted Overlays
Birthday Card : HOTP Birthday Clear & Frosted Overlays, HOTP Earths Pallette Creative Pack
Joy & Delights Card : HOTP Birthday Clear & Frosted Overlays, HOTP Citrus Creative Pack

Sketch Challenge 141

Tracey and Angie did this Sketch Challenge while I was in Queensland, so the week I got back we did it again. I actually had a tough time with this one!! It just wouldn't gel for me. I thought that my HOTP kits would be perfect for the sketch challenges, so for now I am working my way through using up a pile of papers and kits that have been sitting in my craft space for a while, when I have used them up (or get sick of looking at them!!) I will redo the challenges but onlu use my Stampin Up! stamps and papers. My aim is to do at least 1 Christmas card, 2 Birthday (either male, female or child) and 1 Friendship or Thankyou Card. So at least 3 cards per scketch!!
Materials Used
HOTP Christmas Clear & Frosted Overlays, Christmas Creative Pack, Ribbons & Brads (my stash)
HOTP Earths Pallete Creative Pack, Earths Pallette Instant Card Art
Monday, March 24, 2008

Time Well Spent

I made up some Altered Ring Pull Cans (SCS Weekly Inkling #88) using the Loves Me DP for Angie & Tracey for Easter - then forgot to take pictures!! (I will be asking for them back this week for a photo session!!) Look out for the pics in a later post. I had left the offcuts on my desk. Anyway after having a clean up I thought I'd have a play with my Time Well Spent set and had this idea in my head - so this is what I came up with!

Materials Used
Stampin Up! - Cardstock - Chocolate Chip, Mellow Moss. DP - Loves Me. Stamp Set - Time Well Spent. Ribbon Originals - Flirty. Ink - Chocolate Chip. Marker - Chocolate Chip. Stampin' Dimensionals
Non Stampin Up! - Thin Pink Ribbon, Dotted Vellum (HOTP)

Materials Used
Stampin Up! Cardstock - Chocolate Chip, Old Olive, Very Vanilla. Stamp Set - Birthday Whimsy. Ink - Chocolate Chip, Old Olive.
Non Stampin Up! Patterned Paper - HOTP Earths Pallette Creative Kit. Crystal Icicles. Ribbon from my 'stash'.

That's it for now!!



Card Sketches

Tracey, Angie (my 2 craft ladies) and I have been playing with the Sketch Challenges from Splitcoast Stampers. I have downloaded a file with Challenges 1 - 161 so we are picking one one out each week and having a play. The following two cards are from SC138

These next three cards are from SC13. They use the Celebrate stamp from Lexicon of Love, patterned paper from Sizzix Little Sizzles Paper Pads, ribbon & embellishments from my 'stash'.

The End

Well, finally and sadly, our Queensland Aventure had to come to an end (I would insert a 'sad' smiley but haven't figured that out yet!!) We spent our final day with Nan, had a wander around her shopping centre, had lunch, repacked our bags and then said our goodbyes. We had decided that we would leave Nan's at 4pm, our plane left at 7.30pm, check in 60 mins before. So after taking everything into consideration - finding our way to the airport!! (with our history of getting lost we thought we'd had better allow time for that!), peak hour, filling up the hire car, returning the hire car, going through the 'cattle yards' (check in at the airport) we thought 4pm was ample time. Hmmm. we arrived at the airport at about 4.45pm!!! Best laid plans hey? We didn't get lost!! Our petrol gauge read over the full mark, there we sign posts directing us to where we had to return the hire car and there was hardly anyone checking in at the counter!!?? go figure?? So by the time all that was done we headed up through security and we sitting in front of the window watching the planes land by 5.10pm!! Only 2 hours to kill!! We weren't so lucky to leave on time though!! No, that would be too easy, I was chatting to Zoe at 5 to 7 and our plane still hadn't arrived! Hello? Boarding at 7.10pm! I think we boarded about 40 mins late!! Not as bad a coming over. We made up the time in the air and landed in Perth on time!! Found a taxi and headed home. I had 4 boxes of Stampin Up goodies waiting for me, and there was no way, after reading all the nightmare stories of boxes going missing, items not being in boxes, things running out off the retired list!! arghh a nigthmare! I just had to open them and check!! So there I was in the wee hours of the morning after a long flight, checking my boxes to make sure everything was ok!! Only one item missing, and it was still available so I got it about a week later!! Lucky or what!!

So that was that!! and to finish this adventure off in style! A treat for you readers..... Our embarrasing photos from the Theme Park rides!!

Enjoy. I will now get back to showing some cards that I have been making.

Till next time, luv Caroline

Anthony Feeding the Elephant

Caroline Feeding the Elephant

Jayden Feeding the Elephant

Owen Feeding the Elephant

About to go on the Adventure Duck!

Our First go on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster!!

Our Second Go! Note Me Missing!! I'm not stupid!!

Anthony & Jayden - Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Owen & Caroline! Wet As!! on the Rocky Hollow Log Ride

Anthony & The Boys Wild Western Falls

Coming out of the Bermuda Triangle

The Flume!! Check out Owen's Face!!

Anthony on the Lethal Weapon!! You should have seen him when he came of the Superman Escape!! The picture wasn't clear but it sure was funny!!

Thanks for looking!! and I hope you have had a good laugh at our expense!!

Movieworld Revisited!!

The Boys and Tweety

...and Sylvester!!

...and Bugs

Can't forget Daffy!!

Well today it was back to Movieworld!! That's about a 2hr drive back down to the gold coast from where we staying!! sort of like driving Perth to Bunbury but feeling like you are stuck on the Tonkin Hwy!!

Our main aim for today was to see the Police Academy Stunt Show, as we missed it last week. The boys got to see a lot more of the characters today, last week it was wet and overcast, so maybe they didn't like the rain!!

The Stunt Show was fantastic! and I wish we had time to go and see it again in the afternoon, but more imprtant things came up, like going and seeing the Shrek4d Show for the third or forth time!! and the spooky coaster again.....etc etc. But here are some pics of it. I found the cop at the beginning, while everyone was filtering in to the arena, very amusing, he was picking on everyone!! and had the whole crowd in fits!! Here are some pics of the Stunt Show (as seen by me through the LCD screen on my camera!!) When you think of what they do, speeding and spinning these cars around in such a small space, it is truly amazing, the precision at how they do it all!! And it is right there in front of your face!! You feel the heat from the explosions!! It's just WOW!!!

The Funny Cop at the Beginning


Two Wheels!!

Whoops!! Man in mid air!!

This Helicopter is, like, right in front of you!!

WOW That was fun!!! we also saw the Scooby Doo Disco Detective show again!! This time from a different angle!! Last week we were off to the side (where the Mystery Machine is!) this time we were right at the front! the show was the same, a couple of the actors were different BUT this time they arrived in the Mystery Machine!! Last time they just came out of the building!! YAY so here it is a pic of The Mystery Machine!! (Just knew you were hanging out for it!! LOL)


The Beach at Southbank! Life Guard included!!

A nice shot of Anthony & Nan

Drowned Rat No 1 - Owen

Drowned Rat No 2 - Jayden

Today we had another day with Nan. We jumped on the Ferry and headed off down the river into Brisbane. we got off at Southbank, which was nice but not much! Apparently you need to go on Market Days (Fri, Sat, Sun) but we went on a Wednesday!! The boys had a play in the 'beach' while Nan and I took a wonder to see what shops were available. Mainly cafes!! So after the boys had had a play we caught the ferry over to the otherside of the river and went up in to Brisbanes Queen St Mall for lunch and another wander!! Sort of like Perths Hay St Mall but about 3 times longer!!!! We found a food hall and sat and had lunch there. After wandering around for the afternoon, we jumped back on the ferry and headed back to where we started, we continued around to the Queenland University and then all the way back to Bretts Wharf which took about an hour!! Nan and I sat inside, but Anthony and the boys spent most of the trip at the back of the ferry, watching the water and getting some sun!! Tomorrow - back to Movieworld.

Australia Zoo!!

The Giant Tortoise

A Croc in the Crocoseum!!

The Memorial

More of the Memorial

This is just one side!!

Today (March 3) we headed north again to Australia Zoo. WOW!! What a day, you really need more than one day to see everything! We all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Our first stop was the Giant Tortoise! These are amazing creatures! The guy who told us all about them was amazing, very funny and very informative. We found that everything at the Zoo is focused on educating the visitor, it was all funny, informative, educational and very conservation focused!! But it's not in your face conservation! (If you get my drift) We learnt that the tortoise can feel through it's shell, you wouldn't think that they would feel anything but it is similar to us feeling things with our fingertips! so quite sensitive! They were massaging the shell and the tortoise was reacting similar to a cat reacting to when you stroke its fur.

We then headed off to the Crocoseum to watch the 11am show! WOW that was amazing too!! Very funny, educational and breathtaking!! The birds flying around us was unbelievable. We saw the elephants, birds, snakes and of course the Crocodiles. After watching the amazing show we went and had lunch, it is so beautiful there and very well set out. after lunch we wondered around some more, fed the elephants at Elephantasia, watched the tigers play in the water, fed the kangaroos. We really needed more time, as by the time we saw most of the featured things in our program it was time to go and we didn't get to just wander and look at the other animals. Next time it will have to be a two day visit I think!! Underneath the Crocoseum is a 'Memorial Wall' this is where all the momentos, notes, etc that were left at the front of the Zoo when Steve died are left on display, it is amazing, and very moving to read. It stretched for ages and is on both sides.

After a long day at the Zoo, we headed back to Nan's for dinner. YUM!! tomorrow we head off on the ferry down to Southbank!! Gotta find our way to the Ferry first though!!

A Day out with Nan (3 March)

Pineapples Growing!! On the ground!!

Nan & The Boys feeding the animals

The Big Pineapple!!

Today we headed off on a day trip out with Nan, our reason for our holiday in Queensland. We hopped in our hire car and headed North for about an hour to the Big Pineapple!! Guess what? It's big!! You can actually go inside it and it is like a little museum with all info on the history of pineapple farming in QLD. Very informative!! I actually learnt alot today!! Did you know that pineapples grow on a plant in the ground (not in a palm tree like I thought!!) the tops of the pineapple get twisted off, left to dry out for a few days then they are planted! Two years later! Yes you read correctly TWO YEARS LATER you will get a pineapple!! One man can plant up to 12000 plants in a day, go on holidays for 2 years then come back and harvest!! haha! (I think it works differently to that scenario!!) We went on the Sugar Cane Train, which was a very informative tour and we went and fed the animals and had a little stroll through the rainforrest. A nice day out. We then hopped back in the car and headed off for the Superbee Honey Factory, which unfortunately had relocated to the Gold Coast where we were last week!! Oh well, it would have been fun to see. Back in the car and off to the Bellingham Maze!! This place was fun! We stopped and had a Devonshire Tea first (sustenance in case we got lost!!) on the tables at the tearooms they had heaps of puzzles to play with, the ones where you have to put the blocks back together in a cube, or separate two twisted nails etc. We then had a play with the mini mazes before heading in to the MAZE! Nan and I decided to stick to the 'keep left' theory! This didn't work! We were trying to find our way by looking at the aerial photo on the brochure, but that didn't help much either! Oh well. We could hear the boys and Anthony running around and somehow we found our way to the centre! Then we had to find our way back!! after leaving the maze we headed back toward nan's and had a quick stop at the Ettamogah Pub, which was packed!! we were going to stop for a drink but decided against it, so had a look around then headed back home. A tiring Day for Nan, she can rest tomorrow and we are off to Australia Zoo!!

An Aerial Shot of the Bellingham Maze

Anthony & Owen on the Tyre Maze

Owen playing with the Table Puzzles

The Ettamogah Pub