Friday, February 29, 2008

Theme Parks - Today - Seaworld

View of our Villa from Seaworld

The Dolphin Show

Elmo & Zoe at Sesame Street Beach

The Boys with a Walrus!

The Fish Detectives Sealion Show

We decided to head off to Seaworld today (Thursday) instead of having a rest day, as it was a fine day and Friday is expected to be showers, so off we toddled, around the Spit to directly across the water from our accommodation. I was instructed to "head straight for the Dolphin Show!!" so we did, and it was amazing!! I got some pretty good shots too!! Then we popped into Sesame Street Beach! Now the boys wouldn't have a bar of the Wiggles, but raced into Sesame Street - go figure??!! They had a go on most of the rides, which are very tame!! We went and lined up for the 4D Planet SOS show but it was cancelled due to technical problems, so we popped on the two closest rides, the Flume and The Bermuda Triangle!! More wet rides!! The Flume was very much like the Rocky Hollow at Dreamworld, the Bermuda Triangle was a real experience!! Loved it! Popped back to line up for the Planet SOS and again it was canceled so we decided to leave it until the last show of the day at 4.30pm to see if it was working then. We had a ride on the Skyways chair lift thing and also went on the Monorail. Anthony expressed a desire to go on the Corkscrew, but after hearing that you went from 0 - 100kph in 2 seconds (pa on the monorail) Jayden decided he didn't want to go, and Anthony was too chicken to go on his own!! We watched the Fish Detectives Sealion show, which was very well done! and had a wander through the underwater viewing galleries to look at the sharks etc!! The boys loved it! The polar bears were sleeping, so we didn't get to see them. Finally we got in to see the 4D SOS show, after all the waiting we did during the day to see it, even though it was good, we were a bit disappointed :-(. All in all another fun tiring day!! Tomorrow we are off on the Adventure Duck!!

Furry Friend count today 11!! We added Squirt - the Dolphin, Sealy - the Seal and Ella the Polar Bear (Ella is mine!! and she cuddles in just like my new little niece Ella did when I was in Kalgoorlie so was given her name!!)


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