Friday, February 29, 2008

Theme Parks!! Next Stop - Dreamworld

The Boys with SpongeBob & Patrick

Jimmy Neutron with the Boys

WOW! The Tiger Show was Fantastic!!

This is the only Roller Coaster you'd get me on!!

The boys with Angelica & Chuckie

Our day at Dreamworld started off a bit slow, the rides weren't open and they all seemed to start a little late. But we perservered. We had a wander and watched the SpongeBob Show then went on the rides in Nickelodeon. I went on the Runaway Reptar Rollercoaster!! I had my eyes shut the whole time! But I went on it!! LOL, I was a bit braver today. We went on this other ride where you just went round and round, Angry Beavers Spooty Spin, but then you couldn"t walk when you got off!! We also went on The Rocky Hollow Log Ride, which got us rather wet!! So though Oh well we may as well go on the Thunder River Rapids too!! they were fun (and wet as I have already mentioned!) Neither of the boys wanted to go anywhere near Wiggles World!! (I think they think that they are too old for that now!!) We went and watched the Tiger Show at Tiger Island, they are gorgeous animals!! Anthony and Jayden also braved the Cyclone Rollercoaster! There was no way they were going to get me on that one!! we also jumped on the train and took a tour around the whole park.

Furry Friend count today is 8, we added Leo and Leon two little tiger cubs!!


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