Friday, February 29, 2008

The Theme Parks!! First Stop - Movieworld

The Gang from Scooby Doo Disco Detectives!

My Kind of Ride!!

Wild Western Falls

Time to Leave

Hey there everyone!! Well I am in the Amenities block doing some washing (can't get away from that on holidays!!) so I thought I'd would take the time while I have some peace and quiet to update the blog on our week of ThemeParks!! (and I also get to connect to the net without Owen constantly asking to go on to TamaTown!!)

Here we go! On Monday we headed off to Movieworld!! The day was wet, it drizzled most of the day but we are only here for a week so have to make do. We had a great day, YES I did go on some rides, and got the beegeebies scared out of me!! Who would have thought that Owen would be the Adrenalin Junkie of the family!! I am sure people out side of the rides could hear him squealing with delight over the noise of the rides!! Geez!! We all went on the Batman 2 Ride, that was cool, I managed ok, so thought "yeah I can handle these" that was until I went on the Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster! Getting flung here and there and going BACKWARDS down a steep decline isn't my idea of fun!! As we went though the bit where the photo is taken, Anthony and I both had our heads down as we instinctively ducked!! So coming out of that I stupidly said, "when we go on this again we will have to make sure we don't duck so we get a good photo!" that was before they sent us screaming down a hill backwards!! Needless to say we didn't get a better photo!! haha. The boys and Anthony went on alot of the rides, a couple were closed due to weather or maintenance, we had a great wander around and saw the shows, Anthony and the boys also went on the Wild Western Falls! There was no way I was going down that!! But they had a ball. We also watched the Shrek 4D Show - twice!! there was alot of unexpected moments and it was really funny!!

Furry Friend count after today is 6 we now have Baby Tweety, Baby Bugs and Baby Daffy!!

That was our Monday!!


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