Friday, February 29, 2008

Infinity and King Tutt Putt Putt

Playing the Egyptian Course (Above 3)

The Jurassic Course (Above 2)

Today (Tuesday) was very wet!! It poured all day! So we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go visit a couple of indoor places. We went to Infinity, which was fantastic! a maze of mirrors, lights, pitch black areas and you just have to feel your way around. It was truly amazing, we were a bit disappointed though, as when the people in front of us found the door we then knew where to go to get out in to the next room, so if you are planning on going there and there is a group in the room with you wait till they go through, then shut your eyes twirl around a few times so you loose your bearings, then try and find the door!! It was very enjoyable, but we went through too quick. We then went to King Tutt Putt Putt, which has 3 - 18 hole mini golf courses and two of them are indoors. They were fun!! You have to putt your way through glow in the dark tunnels and had some rather difficult putts, we all had fun and the way it was set up was fantastic.

Furry Friend count remains the same today!! (3 dogs, a duck, a bird and a wascily wabbit!!)


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