Sunday, February 24, 2008

Day One (Take Two)

Jayden asleep at the Airport

Owen asleep and Anthony pretending!!


View of Seaword from our Verandah

Our view at Breakfast!!

Well today we 'officially' started our Queensland Adventure!! Day One was a bit of a write off! First of all our plane was late arriving - therefore late leaving!! But no, there had to be another problem!! A globe on the end of the wing had blown!! A simple thing to fix you say?? Nope!! The wind speed on the tarmac was too fast!! and therefore was not safe enough for the guy to go up in the cherry picker to replace it! So we had to wait for the wind to die down, if this did not happen they were going to get another plane, well the wind did die down so up went the guy in the cherry picker and he replaced the globe!! YAY well not so fast, apparently the contacts were dirty so we had to wait for that to be sorted, then we finally got to board the plane, meanwhile we (Anthony and the boys) had a nice little nap on the floor at the airport. We didn't board till after 1.30am!! We were supposed to arrive in QLD at 5.30am but we didn't land until 7.13am!! a little later than expected! Then we got our hire car (a nice Toyota Orion!) and headed off to find our way to Nan's, well that was fun! getting used to the road system over here makes me appreciate the signage we have on our highways in WA!! (no offense to any Queenslanders reading this!) We finally found Nan and it was so great to give her a hug!! Boy have I missed her. We had a cuppa and a chat, then went to lunch, she had booked us for lunch at the Community Centre. I went and had a nap to try and get rid of a pending migraine! Not much luck. By pm my head was pounding and we still had to drive to the Gold Coast. So off we went. We had a little more luck finding our way to The Broadwater at Southport!! and what a lovely place it is, our cabin is right on the water, we look out across the water and Seaworld is dead opposite! It is gorgeous, I managed to get rid of the headache too!! The boys had a play on the beach, we found Maccas for dinner and had an earlyish night. Just as we were getting the boys ready for bed I heard a popping noise outside and when I went to check it out it was fireworks over the broadwater!! Just for us - Shucks QLD you didn't need to do that!!

So now today, Sunday, we went to Pacific Fair to check out the shops, it was my turn to drive!! Heaven or what! There is a button to move the seats forward and back, the lights go on automatically when it senses its getting dark!! everything is at the touch of a button!! I want it to rain to see if the windscreen wipers are automatic too!! (there is a possibility of that tomorrow too!!) Now if I can just get those features in the KIA I will be in heaven!! LOL. We had breakky at this cafe at the shops and sat outside overlooking a lake!! The boardwalk that we were sitting on was over water!! It was lovely and relaxing. Then we had a wander around, bought some clothes etc, and popped in to Toys R Us!! After leaving there we popped up to Australia Fair to do some grocery shopping, before heading back. Tomorrow we are off to Movie World!!
Well that's it for today folks! Will fill you in tomorrow!!
Love Caroline!!
(Oh and for those of you in the know!! Furry Friend count is 3!! A Border Collie (Jayden's), a Cocker Spaniel and a RSPCA Pawphan named Cutie!!)


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