Friday, February 29, 2008

The Adventure Duck!!

The Duck Dive Splash!!

Owen Driving the Duck

Jayden Driving the Duck

The Aqua Duck

Hello there again!! Well today (Friday) we went on the Adventure Duck! It is an 'amphibious vehicle' so it is a bus on land and a boat on water!! Quite spectacular!! We drove along the streets of Surfers Paradise then did a 'Duck Dive" into the waters of the Broadwater!! The first picture is the Splash when we dove into the water. The boys the got a chance to help drive and got a certificate to say they did! The picture of the AquaDuck is another one run by a different company that we saw while we were on the water, and that's what we would have looked like!! As we were driving around the streets we couldn't wave at passers by as we were 'ducks' so we had to quack very loudly!! LOL. The boys each got a little showbag and a little duck each!! So that now brings the furry friend count to 15!! Geez, we gotta get these animals home on the plane!!

This may well be my last entry before we head home as I am not sure if I can get internet where we are going. I may be able to connect at the retirement community where Nan is, I will see.

Till next time, seeya!!


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